Construction and Engineering Surveys

Site Plans

Detailed mapping of construction sites, including infrastructure placement and site layout, crucial for construction planning and project management.

Excavation Staking

Precise marking of excavation boundaries to guide construction activities and ensure compliance with design specifications.

Foundation Layout/Pinning

Accurate determination of building foundation locations, ensuring proper alignment with architectural and engineering plans.

"As-Built" Surveys

Documentation of completed construction projects to verify compliance with design plans and specifications, providing a record of construction as built.

Grid Line & Pile Layout

Marking of grid lines and pile locations on construction sites to guide the placement of structural elements and ensure alignment and accuracy during construction.

Accident and Forensic Scanning

Detailed scanning and surveying services for accident reconstruction and forensic analysis, providing critical evidence and data for investigations and legal proceedings.

3D LiDAR Scanning

Utilization of advanced LiDAR technology to capture highly accurate three-dimensional data for surveying, mapping, and modeling applications, offering superior precision and efficiency.