Legal Boundary and Property Surveys

Boundary Surveys

Meticulous delineation of property lines, including fence lines with neighbours to establish precise boundaries, ensuring clarity and compliance with legal requirements.

Surveyors Real Property Reports (SRPR)

Thorough documentation of property boundaries, encroachments, and easements, providing essential information for legal and transactional purposes.

Land Title Absolute Conversions

Facilitation of the conversion process to the absolute land title system, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.

Property Severance

Expert handling of the legal process to divide or split property parcels, adhering to zoning regulations and legal requirements.

Reference Plans

A legal document that partitions land for the purpose of reference in legal instruments used for purposes such as severances, lot line adjustments and easements creations.

Easement/Right-of-Way Plans

Definition and documentation of access rights and land usage permissions, crucial for legal and property management purposes.

Strata Plans

Detailed plans outlining the division of property into individual units or lots within strata developments, facilitating effective property management and ownership.

Plan of Subdivision

Official plans delineating the division of land into multiple lots or parcels for development, ensuring adherence to zoning regulations and infrastructure requirements.

Plan of Condominium

Legal documents establishing the framework for condominium developments, specifying ownership rights, common areas, and maintenance responsibilities.

Frontage/Depth/Area Certificates

Detailed documentation providing accurate measurements of property dimensions, essential for legal and transactional purposes.

TFW/FCC/Grading Certification

Certificates verifying property aspects such as top-of-foundation wall (TFW), foundation control (FCC), and grading compliance, ensuring regulatory compliance and project integrity.

Plan of Subdivision

Officially approved plans outlining the division of land into multiple lots or parcels for development, including detailed specifications for lot sizes, roadways, utilities, and other necessary infrastructure, ensuring compliance with zoning regulations and facilitating organized and sustainable land development.